So you are thinking about one day cruising around the world or buying a second hand boat in Europe, the Caribbean or Pacific and sailing home to Australia?

DBY Boat Sales are specialists in the logistics, from beginning to end, of putting your international cruising dream together.

Save thousands of dollars but more importantly months, even years in wasted time and worry, by using DBYs team of experts in this field to explain the options and suggest the best methods of approach.

You are in the hands of the best. We have already cruised the routes, and purchased and sold multiple boats ourselves from exotic locations all around the world. Importantly we having been doing this since middle 1980s. Having made and seen all the mistakes, we can help you to make your adventure trouble free!

We have received so much enjoyment out of our own cruising adventures on our own boats that it has become our mission to help others enjoy their own cruising adventures – and make your adventure trouble free!

We have talked to many customers with the sailing dream, and now, hundreds of happy international cruising families later, DBY Boat Sales know the formula that works.

Here are the essential services we offer that makes DBY Boat Sales your one-stop shop to make your international sailing dream come alive –

1) Initial consultation to assist on your sailing dream – monohull or multihull?  Free.

2) Advice in – Planning, financing, logistics, budgeting, schooling, training. Free.

3) Boat selection to best fit your needs and ensure a strong resale value. Free.

4) Advice on taking delivery, surveying, equipping, Insurance, Registration. Free.

5) Passage planning, weather routing. Free.

6) Networking, connecting to other cruisers, rally and regatta information. Free.

7) Advice on the latest importation regulations, Custom brokerage advice. Free.
8) Buyers agent…allow us to assist in finding, negotiating a range of boats in multiple locations. Often no cost.

9) Selling – should you choose DBY Boat Sales to help you sell your boat at the end of your sailing dream, we charge market rates.

Our approach which has been proven over and over again – is to shape your dream, make it happen for you, then, as happy DBY customers, you might refer other cruising customers to us.
Worried about the hard sell? We hate and don’t need hard sell! Sit down to a coffee and chat, tell us your plans, and we will guide you on how to minimise any issues involved.

We listen. We share. You decide.

Let us help make your dream come true. Its time. Time for your next life changing sailing adventure.

DBY Boat Sales, +61 2 9999 3311.