Hull Identification Number (HIN) code Agent

Hull Identification Number (HIN) and Boatcode

To get, maintain and transfer registration in NSW, you need to know the vessel’s unique HIN.

DBY Boat Sales are a BoatCode Agent and can validate existing HINs and affix HINs to vessels.

They can also provide you with an HIN Boatcode Certificate.  Please call us on 02 9999 3311 to arrange a suitable time and place for your HIN.


What’s an HIN (Boatcode)?

The Hull Identification Number (HIN) – also known as Boatcode – is a series of letters and numbers.

The HIN identifies things like country, manufacturer, serial number and date of manufacture.

The HIN is normally permanently attached to the vessel’s hull. See Where to find and display it below.

Always write down and keep a copy of your HIN in case you need it.

An HIN is useful because it:

  • makes it easy to identify each vessel
  • distinguishes one vessel from another
  • deters vessel theft and helps in recovering stolen vessels.

Before you buy a second-hand vessel, you can search its HIN at Personal Property Security Register. This way you can check there’s no money owing on it.

When you need to provide it

You’ll be asked to provide the HIN:

Where to find and display it

The HIN is attached to the hull on most boats.

In newer boats it’s put there permanently during manufacture.

It may be engraved in a plate permanently attached on or near the right (upper starboard) side of the transom. This is so you can view it above the waterline.

In older boats, a DBY Boat Sales can help you get an HIN. We can also get you an HIN Boatcode Certificate.


Sample plate showing Hull Identification Number (HIN). The HIN is attached to or moulded into the Hull