International Yacht Sales and Purchase in Australia

Sailing yacht stay in dream bay with turquoise transparent water. Mallorca island, Spain

Buying & Selling Overseas

Buying a boat overseas is EASY and FUN. We can walk you through the reasons for doing it with passion and excitement as we have done many times before. We can help you make the process simple and show you the steps involved. AND we can find the perfect boat for you.


Selling in Australia

Bringing your boat or importing your yacht for sale into Australia can be an exciting time, as well as potentially stressful. We can alleviate that stress by walking you through the process and helping you along the way.

If it’s your first time cruising into the country, you will be amazed at the beauty and boating lifestyle the east coast of Australia has to offer. DBY Boat Sales has over 30 years experience in the yacht brokerage business, with a long earned reputation. If you are  selling we have all the resources you need to get your boat ready for potential buyers.

Importantly, our team is familiar with the importation process and protocol. There are various options in regards to customs and importation. We have assisted many cruisers import their boats into Australia. For further enquiries regarding customs and importation, please contact us here at DBY Boat Sales.


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