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Selling your boat with DBY Boat Sales in Pittwater, Sydney, Australia will enable you to achieve the best result for you. We are based in Newport, Sydney and have representatives all over Australia.

The DBY network of sales professionals in Australia provides a strong cohesive team who are ready to give you their total support and commitment.  We have satisfied clients all around the world with a proven track record of business since 1977.

The exposure to an expansive demographic is something the “For Sale by Owner” seller will miss out on listing a boat DIY style. Selling your yacht is typically more involved, more emotional and more difficult than owners imagine.

Sell Your Boat

11 Reasons to List with DBY

1.  For starters, we listen… just like we listen to buyers looking for a boat like yours. The last thing we want is our clients sailing away into the sunset on a boat that doesn’t suit them.

2.  Honest discussion and advise on pricing, presentation of your boat, preparing it for viewing and closing procedures and expectations.

3.  Advertise your boat on our 6 listings sites with good photos and web content written for search optimisation. We also provide you with internet traffic results and discuss strategies based on changing markets.

4.  Expose the sale of your yacht on Social Media – Facebook, Twitter,  and Instagram.

5.  Utilise our database of over 15,000 clients for email, e-newsletter and key contacts that could be looking for a boat just like yours.  Matching our boats for sale with a suitable buyer happens all the time.   Our regular e-newsletters to clients across Australia and overseas offer SEO rich content so those looking for the right boat can find it online.  With over 44 years of being in the business, our database is a hugely valuable tool for selling boats.

6.  Professional photos and video are available when you list with DBY.  On staff we have professional photographers as well as access to videography.  We offer video walk throughs as now these are an essential part of the process as is FaceTime for virtual viewings.

7.  Internet marketing is key to positioning your boat online that is why the details of your boat need to be comprehensive and technically accurate to ensure a successful sales campaign. Our knowledge of boats is exemplary and we cannot emphasize enough how important this is.  We can assist you to make your boat stand out in terms of information and pictorial content.

8.  Arrange marine servicing if required – moorings, surveys, cleaning, rigging, insurance, etc.

9. Trust account for all boat transactions in AUD$ and other currencies.  We have no bank debt and our financial strength also enables us to assist with currency trades.

10.  Overseas assistance is unsurpassed with DBY.  Our international clients know they can contact us to find out everything from weather en route to importation and delivery skippers.   We do our best to give them a warm Aussie welcome too.  Read here why Sydney is a great place to sell your yacht

11.  Finally, our best advertising is the repeat customers that come back time and time again and refer new clients every year. We are incredibly grateful and never forget the favour.  Word of mouth is a powerful selling tool.

One of the best parts of our job is watching the sailing journey unfold for new owners. Your boat could be the one their memories are made of. Read our client testimonies here.

Boats sold by DBY can be viewed here

Sell Your Boat

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