Church Point Office Added to DBY Pittwater

DBY has a new branch location in Church Point at Holmeport Marina and it feels like home. The new office is an excellent compliment to DBY’s Head Office in Newport at Princes Marina.

The Western Foreshore on Pittwater, including Scotland Island, McCarr’s Creek, Elvina Bay, Lovett Bay and Morning Bay (formerly Towlers Bay), is an important and populated area for boating.

Located upstairs between the Holmeport Marina Office and the Broken Bay Water Police, we’re feeling very safe and loved.

We’re ecstatic to be in a location with great traffic, plenty of moorings, modern facilities and off street parking.

The view is a piece of paradise, especially as the sun is setting behind Scotland Island. Check out our webcam here

Come over for a cuppa and let’s talk about boats.

For directions, marina details and hours, head here

Contact details for our Holmeport location are +61 2 9999 3311 or sales@dbyboatsales.