DBY Sales Team Represents at Hobie 16 Worlds

Some businesses have office excursions and retreats… but working at a yacht brokerage like David Bray Yachts and Multihulls has its advantages.

David Bray, Rod Waterhouse, Jason Waterhouse and Linda Renouf of DBYM headed to Jervis Bay for the Hobie 16 World Championships Feb 1st – February 15, 2014.  Not only was it a chance to defend their World titles earned in China (Rod and wife Kerry Waterhouse were 2010 Master Champions and Jason the 2010 Youth Champion) but an excellent opportunity to network and catch up with sailing friends from around the world.

“A well-run international regatta like this is an incredible opportunity to find out what is happening in the world first hand when it comes to trends for maturing sailors.  We all met as teenagers and now approaching retirement”  says Rod Waterhouse, International Yacht Specialist at DBYM.

“Competitors in the Masters and Grandmasters division are talking about plans for cruising and have already moved on to bigger boats.  Our relationship with these sailors carry over to the brokerage as we help them find and sell yachts to make their retirement plans happen.”

Rod and Kerry received an impressive 1st place in the Grandmaster Division.  Competitors from the DBYM team and family include Jason Waterhouse (Opens), Bridget Bolewski (Womens, Opens), David Bray (Grandmasters), Linda Renouf (Grandmasters, Opens), Sophie Renouf (Youth, Opens) and Rachel Renouf (Opens).

The Hobie 16 Worlds attracted 901 sailors from 24 countries and 6 continents.  Full race report here