DBY Boat Sales January 2021

Last year started well until the world tipped upside down and we went into lockdown. The phones went silent while we all waited to see how the global pandemic would affect us. As the months progressed there was an increase in momentum in sales with the second hand yacht market performing strongly. With international travel off the cards, what better way to spend lockdown then finally buying that dream yacht. This was certainly a common mindset, as we saw dreamers become owners. So if you want to sell, the buyers are calling, or if you want to turn that dream into reality, we are here to help.

Looking ahead we see more and more people wanting to join the boating community and enjoy our stunning waterways. So if this is you then please call us 02 9999 3311 as we are here to help.

As we farewell 2020, we embrace 2021 with open arms. Darren Parker is now the sole Director of DBY. Darren has an extremely good reputation amongst the boating community and always gives over 100% in everything that he does. Darren can be contacted on +61 408 112 882 or darren@dbyboatsales.com.au. David Renouf has decided to follow his dream and live on his newly acquired yacht on the coast of Queensland. David remains working with DBY and is there to assist you in Queensland with any of your boating requirements.

We have a fabulous team at DBY that are ready to answer any questions and help in any way. Rod Waterhouse, our dynamo international and local broker is a fountain of knowledge and experience. Rod is always available for a chat on the phone +61 416 262 7056 or rod@dbyboatsales.com.au.

We would like to outline why you should use DBY when it comes to your boating needs. The TEAM are a strong cohesive team who are ready to give you their total support and commitment to achieve the best result for you.

We take the pain out of the sale and do all the contracting work for you. The paperwork can be significant and the numbers need to be deadly accurate and we have the knowledge and accuracy required.

The DETAILS of your boat need to be comprehensive and technically accurate to ensure a successful sales campaign. Our knowledge on boats is exemplary and we cannot emphasize enough how important this is. We can assist you to make your boat stand out in terms of information and pictorial content. We are used to taking photos to show yachts, super yachts, catamarans and power boats to their best advantage. We offer video walk throughs as now these are an essential part of the process as is FaceTime for virtual viewings.

DBY’s WEBSITE is an extremely powerful site and all particulars are kept up to date in real time. The DBY website is heavily optimized on an ongoing basis to provide good search results, making your yacht very visible in the on-line market place.

Be rest assured that we have separate client accounts for all boat transactions in AUD$ and other currencies. We have no bank debt and our financial strength also enables us to assist with currency trades.

Our MARKETING will keep you informed on a regular basis. Our DBY newsletter features all the latest happenings and news about our listings and sales, which has a circulation of around 15,000 people. In addition we produce a very informative brochure on sailing across the Pacific. Let us know if you would like us to email you a copy!

We MATCH our boats for sale with suitable buyers and will keep you updated regularly. We consider that the sale of your yachts as a voyage that we undertake with you as the owner. We are here to discuss market conditions and how your yacht is being received in the market. In this way you are in a position to make an informed decision when an offer is made on your yacht.


Cheers to 2021.