A Sailing Adventure to Marriage Proposal

It all started out in Europe where a young couple decided to purchase a yacht through David Bray Yachts and Multihulls in Spain and sail it back to Australia. Through DBY&M they were able to pick up their boat in Mallorca without a hitch. The young lady happens to be our gun yacht sales rep Rod Waterhouse’s daughter Bridget and her boyfriend Ben who has never sailed in his life.

They began to sail their boat 43 foot Bavaria ‘Ganga’ west down the Mediterranean toward the open sea. As they approached the tip of Gibraltar they ran into some rough water, which would be the toughest of their entire journey.

The young couple met up with a group of other yachts at the Channel Islands who all joined together for the ARC Rally to cross the Atlantic. After twenty days of smooth sailing they reached the Caribbean.  They to continued their journey South to the Panama Canal where Bridget’s father Rod flew in from Sydney to meet up with them and sail along with them to the island of Tahiti.

Once they reached the leg of Tahiti they all took a break and went swimming and surfing in the tropical paradise. It was here one cool night over an icy margarita when Ben proposed to Bridget. Luckily, Bridget said yes and her father could fly home and they could continue their trip of a lifetime back to Australia.

They soon arrived in Sydney and are now in the process of selling their beloved boat ‘Ganga’, which by the way, her father will sell through David Bray Yachts and Multihulls and purchase a house.