21st Hobie 16 World Championships

The 21st Hobie 16 World Championships in beautiful Dapeng, China, commence 29th May!

Here’s why the principals of DBY Boatsales and Just Multihulls Rod Waterhouse and David Renouf are headed to China to race and be part of the fun!

At DBY Boatsales and Just Multihulls we deal with all types of boat owners and buyers … whether it be cruising or racing, monohull or multihull, or the family day sailor.

We work with the parents of the kids learn-to-sail and development group. We meet the ones who like to sit on the beach and watch, and the ones who scream and shout in the battle of racing.

The interesting thing for DBY Boatsales is that most Hobie Cat sailors are now owners and buyers of much larger boats. It is a very close network of people to be part of, and a good network for our customers and vendors to draw on.

Hobie cat sailing is like no other form of sailing.

It picks the best of all sailings key elements, rolls it into one, and names this product –

The Hobie Way of Life”.

This is the only sailing class that offers all. It is the cheapest and purest form of all-inclusive sailing and gives joy to all who experience it.

The iconic Hobie 16 is unchanged since its release in mid 1970s. It is the world’s 2nd biggest sailing class with over 130,000 boats built. I estimate in Australia alone there is upwards of 15,000 Hobie cat owners past and present.

The 21st Hobie 16 World Championships begins on the 29th May on the white sands of Dapeng China.

Now let me paint the picture of how the Championship works…..you may say… NO WAY… but this is true. This is truly the holy grail of sailing.

On the beach there will be 60 brand new identical Hobie 16s.

Competitors race these absolute stock out of the box fun machines for a couple of weeks at the meagre cost of a hotel room for a few nights!

Every day you sail a different boat. It is round robin sailing. You just bring sailing gear, boardshorts and thongs (well us Aussies do!).

Competitors  – 133 teams, 266 sailors from 16 countries…..some are great sailors…,.some just beginning … ages 8 – 80 … ANYONE can enter … no questions asked. Yes anyone! Even if you have never sailed a Hobie Cat before you can race.

Youth divisions, women’s division, master, grand masters and the the big one – the open series for all.

The location is idyllic … white sandy beach, palm trees, big resort accommodation close by, where everyone stays.

Hobie’s and toys all over the beach for everyone to use … standup paddleboards, kayaks Hobie waves … even pushbikes this year for everyone to get around!

Boats are mostly pre rigged by organisers every day… all you do is assist pulling sails up at day beginning and end.

There is a substantial shore crew contingent of around 200 volunteers. Half are organising the sailing whilst the balance are managing the abundance of shore fun events for those who just want to have a holiday.

Sailing is right off the beach … close for all to see. If you are learning, or struggling, you only have to ask for help and you will be smothered with help from fellow competitors and ground crew!

Yes, the emphasis is on everyone having a great time but don’t be fooled into thinking the top end of competition is not serious.

To win a Hobie worlds you have to be a genius … these boats give no advantage… strict one design and very tactical. If you go right through to the final race after all the knockout stages in all your divisions, you may have been competing in up to 30 30 minute races with simple windward leeward courses. That’s some serious competition to get to the finals!

This year watch out for the French and South Africans who are going in as favourites. Australia also has a strong chance with several top ranked teams in all divisions.

Win a Hobie 16 worlds and it has been proven you can win Olympic gold medals! If you think you are a great sailor…. come and try this super competitive and action packed level playing field.

The top teams are a mix of – husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, dad and daughter, and best mates. It all seems to work well with a minimum crew weight of 130kg per team giving no team an advantage.

So this is why the team at DBY and Just Multihulls will be there from the 29th May. We are there to represent ourselves as well as our customers.

The Hobie scene and World titles epitomises everything we believe in in sailing. If you’re in it for fun, for competition, or just want to have a real good time and holiday… then make sure you, your wife and kids, are part of the next one, and maybe chat to the team here at DBY Boatsales about how to get involved locally.

To follow the fun and race results daily, go to www.hobieworlds.com

Caaaant wait!

Rod Waterhouse
Senior Partner