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Selling Your Boat in Australia is an EASY process. Click here to find out Why Australia?

Yachting is becoming an industry here and it now encourages cruisers to enter Australia. It has changed. It is something that we as an industry have been working hard to develop.  Importation into Australia is now very simple and unobstuctive. The experiences over the last couple years have been very positive and if you are wanting to sell your boat in Australia its encouraged. There are a lots of opportunities and freedom now to explore local markets as against other competitive destinations.

We offer a full range of services for you to make the process as simple as possible for you.

Importing 101

On the technicalities of importing it’s very simple in that previously boats were not able to be marketed or offered for sale without prior clearance from customs and without paying the taxes upfront, which obviously didn’t suit a lot of yachties. Most cruisers want to test the market, as they are distrustful of what they have been told and not sure that their boat has a market here. So that’s why it has been a major development particular for our company in that we have developed the situation to a point where we are able to offer a number of different scenarios to suit each individual cruiser. In some cases it does pay to pay taxes up front and in other circumstances it doesn’t.

Call us, as there are a number of options and we can listen to your situation and work out what will suit your needs best.

Customs are great to work with. We believe strongly that our authorities are definitely surpassing those of other countries. Contact us first, as we have done this many times before and give you some invaluable advice.

Yachts are subject to a general rate of duty of 5% based on the customs value (basically the price paid) and 10% GST calculated on the customs value plus international transport and insurance plus the duty.

Privately imported yachts are generally valued using the transaction method of valuation when purchased overseas new or second-hand for export to Australia.  Circumstances where Customs may use an alternative method of valuation include such situations as where:

In these instances the yacht will have to be valued by a marine surveyor in Australia.  This valuation will be based on the market value and as such will include elements such as customs duty and GST.  Customs will have to deduct these elements plus overseas transport from the local valuation.

Where the yacht is sailed to Australia, overseas freight will be determined having regard to essential sailing costs incurred under the most commercially viable conditions.  Such costs would include sailing expenditure necessarily incurred while the vessel is actually sailing (and entertain and leaving) those ports of call on the most commercially viable route.  It would not include any import expenditure related to the vessel’s period of stopover.

Where supported by sufficient/reliable information, essential sailing costs would also include:

This is an indicative rather than exhaustive list.  If you have any doubts or queries, seek further information from a Customs Information and Support Centre at 1300 363 263.

International Valuation for Importation & Sale

To import your boat into Australia you may need a local valuation from an accredited Australian Customs Valuer. DBY Boat Sales can expedite this process quickly. We only use approved 3rd party valuers that are well versed in valuations of internationals boats.

We will work with you to advertise your boat at the ideal market price. All of our brokers are experienced and active sailors backed by an abundance of resources and market information (click here to meet our team). Each sale is different and requires solid past experience to anticipate and plan ahead.  Achieving a correct market valuation with the seller maximizes the impact on and reaction by potential buyers sourced through the major websites and the DBY customer network.

Moorings & Berths

DBY Boat Sales Head Office in Newport, Sydney has secure and protected sales moorings (less expensive than marina pens) for display of boats for sale.  These moorings are adjacent to the two big yacht clubs at Newport, Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club and Royal Motor Yacht Club, and are at the centre of the booking and marina service industry. Berths can also be arranged in a variety of locations in both Sydney and Pittwater.


As part of the sales process, it is important to be prepared for de-registration immediately as the sale becomes irrevocable.  This assures purchasers of clear title and gives the purchaser the ability to register their boat in their own state or country.  As a BIA Accredited Broker, we are required to ensure that this process is adhered to as it is an integral part of the finalization of the sale.


Save up to 50% on International Rates (click here to find out more about our insurance). DBY has over 500 clients with Club Marine – the biggest pleasure craft insurer in Australia owned by Allianz.  We can help you save big dollars on temporary monthly local insurance either while selling or cruising within 250 nautical miles of Australia. DBY is an accredited Valuer with Club Marine and can, at no extra charge, give Agreed Value policies.  There will be a need for a brief Shipwrights report to confirm the integrity and condition of the boat and the report can be utilized as a positive sales tool in the promotion of the boat. If you need to claim quickly or have any questions, you can contact us directly for assistance rather than going through Club Marine’s national switchboard.


Personalised Service

Leaving Your Boat With Us – Many boats are left in our care when the owners leave and decide to go back to Europe/overseas. We look after the boat for you and conduct the total sales process without you having to be present.

Shipping – personal items are often left aboard. We are happy to arrange to send these home to you once you have settled back.

Tourism – most of our team are true locals, having lived in this area for years. We know where to eat, where to sleep and how to get there. Most of our customers travel on from Sydney, exploring Australia by camper van, backpacking or air travel. We can happily assist with this.

Just Visiting? No problem, please still call us or pop in for a coffee, we love to hear your plans and help with any recommendations that we can.


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DBY is a full service brokerage for international cruisers wanting to sell.  Read here to learn how we can help you with a new boat for sale in Australia

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